CEO Message

Introducing The New FRONTEO Brand

Since the company was founded in August 2003, we have adhered to a philosophy of maintaining our corporate pride and values while developing and applying our own technology in the legal field. All our employees are versed in the methodologies and practices of advancing global business and as they proceeded step by step we were able to grow the business into a company with a recognized presence in the fields of investigation of illegal activity and international litigation support. In particular in the United States, which is a major litigation market, we acted early to set up a subsidiary to create the business organization for that market. We then went public and through corporate buyouts and continued changes and evolution were able to gain a position putting us on a stable growth path for the business and the company.

These endeavors gave rise to KIBIT, our artificial intelligence. KIBIT has an unsurpassed ability to understand an individual’s experience, knowledge, and feeling and to analyze the data. This has business potential across various fields and the company has produced results, which have drawn the attention of both society and industry. In 2015 KIBIT was used to commercialize new growth areas such as health care, business intelligence and marketing and to create new revenue streams.

These were not the only management changes. For the company to commence a true “creation of the future for individuals and society” we have progressed from our corporate brand to a new philosophy brand, FRONTEO, which signifies progress and a reason for corporate existence. The company has determined to continue its future corporate activities in line with this new corporate philosophy and guideline for behavior.

KIBIT, which was developed from within UBIC’s legal business, is significantly expanding its capabilities and potential across business fields under the new FRONTEO brand. Together with the symbol symbolizing valuable future creation we face a new stage as we look forward to the existence of the company and the business shining a bright light on the world. Facing this new opportunity we hope we can count on your cooperation as we aim for growth of the FRONTEO brand and further development of the business.

July 1, 2016

CEO and Chairman of the Board