FRONTEO Obtains Japanese Patent for AI-based Technology That Allows Visualization of Human Communications

  • 2016.11.17
  • Information
TOKYO, Nov. 17, 2016 -- FRONTEO, Inc. (“FRONTEO” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq:FTEO) (TSE:2158), which provides big-data analytics services using its proprietary artificial intelligence (“AI”) engine, today announced that the Japan Patent Office has issued a Notification of Decision to grant a patent to the Company for an AI-based technology capable of visualizing human communications.
The necessary procedures of patent registration have been executed, and the patent is currently pending issuance. 
Patent application number: 2013-272124 
Registration number: Pending issuance
Patent application filing date: December 27, 2013
Priority date: August 23, 2013
The innovative AI-based technology covered by this patent enables the Company’s proprietary AI engine, “KIBIT,” to analyze emails within a network and visualize the relationships among the participating individuals.
In the field of digital forensic, it is critical to accurately grasp the relationships among the individuals involved in a criminal case as soon as possible. The functionality enabled by this technology captures the emails that are considered to be relevant to the case, and maps out each email’s senders and receivers in a single diagram based on the degree of relevance. This approach, which focuses on the qualitative aspect of communications, allows examiners to quickly uncover the underlying human relationships, expediting evidence discovery processes.
"We believe that this patent is a testament to the superior innovation underlying the highly accurate data analytics solutions provided by FRONTEO," stated FRONTEO Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Masahiro Morimoto. "Our data analytics solutions are expanding into increasingly important business fields, such as healthcare, business intelligence and marketing, where vast data processing is necessary. By further honing our AI-based technologies and expanding our portfolio of intellectual properties, FRONTEO will continue to provide sophisticated data analytics services to people around the world."

About FRONTEO, Inc.

FRONTEO, Inc. (“FRONTEO”) (Nasdaq:FTEO) (TSE:2158) supports the analysis of big data based on behavior informatics by utilizing its technology, "KIBIT". FRONTEO's KIBIT technology is driven by FRONTEO artificial intelligence based on knowledge acquired through its litigation support services. KIBIT incorporates experts' tacit knowledge, including their experiences and intuitions, and utilizes that knowledge for big data analysis. FRONTEO continues to expand its business operations by applying KIBIT to new fields such as healthcare and marketing. FRONTEO was founded in 2003 as a provider of e-discovery and international litigation support services. These services include the preservation, investigation and analysis of evidence materials contained in electronic data, and computer forensic investigation. FRONTEO provides e-discovery and litigation support by making full use of its data analysis platform, "Lit i View", and its Predictive Coding technology adapted to Asian languages. The company name was changed from UBIC, Inc. to FRONTEO, Inc. as of July 1, 2016.
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