Advanced Forensics

Advanced AI Analysis Improves Quality of Forensics

Our AI system discovers potential evidence from tiny clues under difficult circumstances by making full use of cutting-edge technology to investigate incidents such as information leakage, workplace problems and employee wrongdoing.

Overview As the only comprehensive legal technology company in Japan, we utilize advanced digital forensic technology and have obtained enormous trust from our customers in investigations of internal impropriety and leaks of information.

We have handled a total of 1,043 cases of in-house investigations of such cases conducted by client companies (as of February 2016).

We are confident in our capability to provide support for and training in the operation of software programs. A total of 853 people, mainly employees of government agencies and other public organizations, have received forensic training from FRONTEO (as of February 2016).

FRONTEO provides a comprehensive range of computer forensic services using its forensic technology to many clients, mainly flagship companies in a variety of industries.

Forensics Operation Center(FOC)

A track record of more than 10 years in providing security and solutions

Based on more than 10 years of experience in digital forensic examination, FRONTEO has acquired the knowhow to discover potential evidence from tiny clues under difficult circumstances.
In various cases of evidence and information gathering, the company’s experienced expert examiners examine digital data and off-the-book items (human backgrounds) by making full use of cutting-edge digital forensic technology, including proprietary tools that enable advanced analysis. FRONTEO provides security and solutions by meticulously identifying and analyzing the facts.

Support for prevention of recurrence of wrongdoing

Forensic examination requires professional expertise. Advanced analysis techniques and experienced examiners capable of making full use of them are critical to efficiently discovering evidence data. Based on their extensive experience, FRONTEO’s consultants conduct investigation planning while taking into account how the case is likely to evolve and clarify the full picture of the case by identifying the cause of the case, the methods and people involved, and the motive. At the same time, they understand the importance for companies to fulfill accountability duties and help to formulate plans for preventing the recurrence of wrongdoing.

Proprietary technology to realize efficient investigation with small numbers of personnel

The longer the investigation lasts, the higher the possibility of damage expanding and corporate value and credibility declining becomes. Our proprietary Predictive Coding technology that is incorporated into “Lit i View XAMINER,” a forensic solution system, makes it possible to search for evidence efficiently and exhaustively and conduct investigations swiftly with small numbers of personnel by learning the investigation techniques of experienced examiners. Such processes are implemented at our Forensics Operation Center, where world-leading forensic technologies have been brought together.

Training programs to develop various skills

In recent years, compliance has become a critical issue for companies around the world. However, it is all but impossible to eliminate the risk of information leakage, employee wrongdoing or involvement in litigation. Under these circumstances, what is important is how quickly companies can respond to such incidents.
Quick response makes it possible to promptly analyze the cause, provide explanations to stakeholders and implement damage control. FRONTEO provides training programs to enable appropriate response to incidents, including training in the operation of various forensic tools.

Services and Products

Lit i View XAMINER

Lit i View XAMINER, the first digital forensic tool to be developed in Japan, has been created by FRONTEO based on client feedback from law enforcement agencies and the knowledge and knowhow acquired through its extensive experience in forensic investigation. Lit i View XAMINER is provided exclusively to government agencies and other public organizations.

Specialized Analytical Tools

(provided by FRONTEO as a sales agent)

FRONTEO provides information concerning other vendors’ products related to forensic tools, including software programs for extracting or analyzing mobile phone data, data copying tools, data deletion tools, and data writing prevention tools.


FRONTEO’s training programs help to develop a wide variety of skills, from basic knowledge concerning forensics to advanced evidence preservation and analysis techniques. Training programs may be developed and provided in accordance with clients’ preferred budgets, arrangements and schedules.