Business Intelligence

Analyzes All Kinds of Business Communications to Support Good Business Decisions

Teaching the AI KIBIT the tacit knowledge of specialists in a variety of fields helps to elicit information that supports companies in making good business decisions informed by analysis, forecasting, and trends.

Overview AI and other advanced technologies add value to information such as e-mails and documents, which until now have been regarded only as records of the past.

Teaching KIBIT the tacit knowledge and expertise held by staff in the IP division ? not to mention HR staff, sales managers, and project managers ? helps to elicit information that supports companies in making good business decisions informed by analysis, forecasting, and trends. This system accurately spots business opportunities, reducing the risk of losing out on them.

Patent search & analysis and IP strategy

The AI KIBIT has learned the tacit knowledge of researchers and developers, offering substantial accuracy and efficiency gains in patent search and analysis tasks, such as prior art searches and invalidity searches. No need for advanced search queries; to teach KIBIT, just mark documents that you want to find in patent analysis searches as required training data and unnecessary data as not required. KIBIT will then determine which of the patent documentation searched is of the highest relevance. It automatically scores the documents and displays them in order of relevance. KIBIT automatically re-learns on the basis of feedback, further increasing accuracy.

Preventing attrition & harassment

KIBIT checks all e-mails and documents written by staff, detecting and analyzing any grievances, dissatisfaction, or suspected cases of workplace harassment that could cause staff attrition. This ensures that any risk of losing talented staff is detected and can be dealt with at an early stage. It also supports organizational diagnostics, cultivation of candidates for managerial posts, and succession planning.
E-mail exchanges with people who have actually left their jobs and harassing e-mails can be used to compile training data to teach KIBIT the signs that you want it to look for. Having learned this tacit knowledge on behalf of the HR team, the AI will then conduct diagnostics on every single e-mail, no matter how vast the volume of e-mails. KIBIT then accurately extracts e-mails it regards as being relevant, enabling you to see who is facing problems right now and what those problems might be.

Smooth project management

KIBIT supports smooth project management by identifying at an early stage any signs that a project is going wrong. Routine communication between members of a project team indicates the true state of a project. KIBIT analyzes these e-mails and identifies any anxieties about the project, detecting at an early stage any signs that it might be going off the rails. This enables you to deploy additional staff, revise the schedule, and liaise with the client.

Accurately spots business opportunities

KIBIT has learned the tacit knowledge of sales managers, so it can instantly analyze sales and marketing department reports and e-mail communication with clients. Even where the high volume of routine e-mail traffic and daily reports makes it difficult to check the details of each one, KIBIT spots the most trivial signs hidden in communication, identifying information that could develop into an opportunity to win an order and content suggestive of the risk of losing an order. KIBIT can also categorize communications (complaints, requests, etc.) and sort them automatically.

Services and Products

KIBIT Patent Explorer

AI-based patent search & analysis system. An AI-based system that employs a unique approach to quickly and accurately find the patent-related documents that the user is looking for.

KIBIT Knowledge Probe

AI-based business data analysis support system. Having learned the tacit knowledge of customers, the AI analyzes communications and supports you in creating business opportunities and avoiding risk.


KIBIT Patent Explorer Joint Development Partner