Business Intelligence

From solution vendor to consulting partner

Not only simply providing tools, we also contribute to improve productivity by solving management issues of customers based on solution software using the KIBIT AI.

Overview KIBIT, which can work with even the slightest volume of learning data, supports various business scenarios.

Teaching KIBIT the tacit knowledge and expertise accumulated by highly specialized staff in the IP division, HR staff as well as skilled marketers helps to elicit information that supports companies in making the right business decisions on analysis, forecasting, and trends, etc.

The introduction of products installed with KIBIT has accelerated against the backdrop of mounting attention and understandings towards operational efficiency utilizing the text data assets of companies, creation of added value and introduction of AI itself. An extremely small amount of time, effort and data is required for the introduction and analysis results are presented in a short period of time. Practical outcomes at an introductory/operational cost are highly evaluated.

Patent/technical search

KIBIT enhances the efficiency of patent search and analysis tasks in the fields of prior art searches, invalid material searches and technical trend surveys. Teach KIBIT documents that you want to find in the search as training data, and it will analyze all target patent documents. KIBIT will identify documents of high relevance among those searched automatically score them according to the degree of relevance, realizing speedier and more efficient operations as well as more accurate search results.

Preventing employee turnover/attrition

Teach KIBIT as training data the signs that you want it to find, such as interview records and e-mail exchanges with people who have left their jobs in the past, and it will display an immense amount of data, scored with the degree of relevance. You can then check the data beginning with that with the highest score to efficiently detect and analyze dissatisfaction, traces of troubles and possible power harassment that could lead to attrition, thus solving labor issues at an early stage.

Streamlining market/competitor search

KIBIT will score news articles from Japan and abroad, industry trends, competitor information, market survey reports and other text information collected from the internet and data services in accordance with their importance and usefulness so that each will not have to be verified visually and can be verified starting with the most relevant so as to significantly improve the efficiency of exhausting search tasks. This is enabled by teaching the AI the information determined to be beneficial by marketers who possess a thorough understanding of which information is valuable for the company, as training data.

Checking compliance violations

Daily sales reports and the content of communications with customers can be analyzed by teaching KIBIT texts that represent past compliance violations as training data. Checking in order of high relevance enables for more efficient identification of compliance violation risks. This could be utilized as a new RegTech solution at companies where compliance costs have been on the rise.

Services and Products

KIBIT Patent Explorer

AI-based patent search & analysis system. An AI-based system that employs a unique approach to quickly and accurately find the patent-related documents that the user is looking for.

KIBIT Knowledge Probe

AI-based business data analysis support system. Having learned the tacit knowledge of customers, the AI analyzes communications and supports you in creating business opportunities and avoiding risk.

KIBIT Email Auditor

KIBIT Email Auditor is an automated email audit system using AI. It contributes to efforts to quickly detect and prevent the recurrence of employee wrongdoing by accumulating knowhow from the results of reviews conducted in such activities as financial audits, in-house investigations and litigation management. This helps to develop an effective compliance system.



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