Digital Communications

Artificial Intelligence (AI) × Robotics to support decision making and the behavior of organizations and people

KIBIT (artificial intelligence engine) × Kibiro (communication robot) understands thoughts and preferences of organizations and people. By matching those demanding with those demanded, enterprises and consumers will be provided with unprecedented value.

Overview KIBIT and Kibiro will bring about effects various fields requiring the knowledge and experience of human beings.

Tasks where a large volume of data expressed in natural language is involved, such as sorting/matching of information in highly specialized fields, require judgement and processing by professionals with knowledge and experience as well as experts in the relevant field. The KIBIT AI studies and replicates judgements of engaged professionals to help improve a broad range of tasks.
In addition, Kibiro is capable of carrying out communication on behalf of people at reception desks, shops and facilities where people tend to gather. At home, it can serve as a life partner.


KIBIT analyzes customer voices, including inquiries and product reviews received by the customer support division. Feeding the AI sample data in accordance to characteristic enables it to automatically classify customer voices collected daily into categories.

  • Categorization of inquiries and detection of important matters such as complaints
  • Semi-automated replies using template matching
  • Discernment of customer loyalty such as detection of cancellation among inquiries


In matching people with an enterprise or people with people, judgements on and processing of data expressed in natural language are indispensable. By “analyzing a large volume of data with a small amount of training data,” in which KIBIT excels, judgement by experts is replicated so as to improve operational efficiency and successful matching rates.

  • In the recruitment industry, suggesting companies/personnel that are compatible with applicants
  • Automatic selection of candidates in matching services
  • Matching of highly relevant sentences


Product recommendation features KIBIT analyzing accumulated product reviews and matching a product with a customer, achieving highly accurate recommendations.

  • Product recommendation in online chat service
  • Recommendation of books after learning the user’s preferences
  • Recommendation of sightseeing spots by Kibiro at tourist information offices

Productivity enhancement support by robots

Kibiro is capable of replacing people working in positions that require communication. Kibiro can be utilized for specific purposes such as guiding customers based on data by combining various functions to help reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

  • Guiding and monitoring visitors at company receptions, connecting with extension telephones
  • Provision of product information and collection of questionnaires
  • Responding to inquiries from customers at information counters

Home communication robot

Kibiro communicates with users through voice interaction and chats, and stays close and supports you as a life partner.

  • Communication through voice interaction and dedicated apps
  • Provision of information
  • Functions of watching over

Services and Products

KIBIT Knowledge Probe

Based on the tacit knowledge learned from customers, KIBIT analyzes communications and supports you in creating business opportunities and avoiding risk.

Kibiro communication robot

The communication robot Kibiro will contribute to operational efficiency and customer satisfaction improvements at contact points with clients, such as reception and services.