A new challenge in medicine by AI that learns the tacit knowledge of human experts

Wishing to convey accurate medical information with proper timing to all patients, the KIBIT AI moves along the path that doctors and experts around the world have long followed, and delivers wisdom to the forefront of the medical field.

Overview As we have found that AI technologies utilized in the legal field have a strong affinity with information management/analysis needs in medical settings, there are several projects underway.

By utilizing KIBIT, which learns the tacit knowledge of human experts from a small amount of data and replicates their judgements against unknown data, we contribute to solving issues presented in the medical field.

Diagnosis support

Today, there are marked expectations for highly specialized and quality healthcare based on analyses of medical big data. Through full development of FRONTEO’s AI technologies that learn tacit knowledge of experts and support judgements across the medical world, as well as in assisting people in receiving optimal medical services, we contribute to the realization of a healthy and pleasant future.

  • Precision Medicine AI System
  • PROMPT(Project for Objective Majors using computational Psychiatry Technology)
  • Pain Care Support AI System, etc.

Healthcare operation support

In light of the increase in the number of patients and serious shortage of workers in line with the declining birth rate and aging population as well as the curb and cutback on total medical expenditure, Japan’s medical front is facing a critical situation. We support the establishment of an environment where medical/healthcare workers can concentrate on their tasks by reducing their burdens through utilization of FRONTEO’s AI technologies that can learn tacit knowledge of experts, replicate their capabilities and execute them at a high speed.

  • AI-based system to mitigate patients’ risk of falling
  • Job assistance support system
  • System to prevent employee turnover, etc.

Pharmaceutical industry support

We have developed AI-based solutions for pharmaceutical companies, such as pharmacovigilance services by the KIBIT AI, which has learned the wisdom of the division leaders. We provide AI that can survive in the pharmaceutical industry witnessing intensifying competition between companies due to the globalization of the industry.

  • Pharmacovigilance support system
  • Research paper analysis support
  • Medical representative support, etc.

Healthcare information support

We have developed services in which the KIBIT AI that have learned individual preferences and tastes selects optimal information for the individual from vast volumes of information and makes recommendations. This is an entirely different approach from conventional searches or recommendation engines.

  • Healthcare information media service, KENKO JIMAN
  • Health checkup navigation system, YOUR DOCK

Services and Products

Precision Medicine AI System (under development)

This personalized medicine system uses the KIBIT AI engine to enable anyone to access the latest and most appropriate information. It helps to mitigate the challenges faced by medical professionals by dealing with the enormous mass of medical reports and papers with explanations that are consistent with a given patient’s level of understanding.

System to mitigate patients' risk of falling (under development)

This system records symptoms which are regarded as potential signs of a patient’s risk of falling in an electronic medical record and scores them. It supports decisions on care plans by identifying patients with a high risk.

Pharmacovigilance support (PV, Side effects report)

With the KIBIT AI identifying cases of adverse side effects through analysis of text data in the reports, pharmaceutical companies are provided with support to enhance accuracy of medicinal monitoring/pharmacovigilance tasks and improve efficiency.

Other development/product pipeline

There are over 10 projects currently underway. For more information, please refer to the Pipeline page on the website of FRONTEO Healthcare, Inc.

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