AI-Based Healthcare Data Analysis Solution

The KIBIT AI engine contributes to the provision of higher quality medical care to patients by helping medical staff improve their work processes based on the analysis of electronic medical case data accumulated into a big-data archive.

Overview KIBIT, which learns the tacit knowledge of human experts and predicts human behavior, can exercise its capabilities in the field of medical and healthcare.

FRONTEO Healthcare provides services that help people worldwide to receive optimum healthcare that is most appropriate to them as individuals, from analyzing massive databases consisting of electronic patient records to interpreting conversations during medical examinations and extracting the latest and optimum information from medical reports and papers.

Recommending healthcare information best suited to individuals’ needs

KIBIT selects and recommends information suited to users’ needs from among the vast trove of data available on the Internet, including healthcare information and information concerning medical examinations relevant to individuals.

Supporting improvement of work processes in the medical care field

KIBIT contributes to the provision of higher quality medical care to patients by helping medical staff improve their work processes based on the analysis of electronic medical case data which is accumulated into a big-data archive as the staff routinely input new data. In cooperation with NTT Medical Center Tokyo, we are conducting research on mitigating patients’ risk of falling based on the analysis of medical case data.

Screening of clinical research patients

In a drug development program, selecting patients suited to clinical research poses a difficult challenge. KIBIT can facilitate this process known as screening. In a joint project with Keio University and many other companies, we are studying the possibility of supporting the selection of clinical research patients in the field of mental disorders as well.

Efficient monitoring of adverse side effects

We aim to make it possible to select information with a high level of relevance or urgency from among various formats of information concerning adverse side effects of drugs so that such information can be given precedence when examining side effects. This will improve the efficiency and quality of pharmacovigilance.

Services and Products

Cancer Precision Medicine AI System (under development)

This personalized medicine system uses the KIBIT AI engine to enable anyone to access the latest and most appropriate information. It helps to mitigate the challenges faced by medical professionals by dealing with the enormous mass of medical reports and papers with explanations that are consistent with a given patient’s level of understanding.

System to mitigate patents’ risk of falling (under development)

This system enables scoring of symptoms regarded as potential signs of patients’ risk of falling. It provides strong support to medical staff by quickly, accurately and constantly detecting risks.

KIBIT Knowledge Probe

This is an AI-based business data analysis support system. Having learned the tacit knowledge of customers, the AI analyzes communications and supports you in creating business opportunities and avoiding risk.


This is a website that provides an on-line navigation service concerning full health checkups and other screening plans. The service matches users’ needs related to health promotion with full health checkups and other screening plans based on their preferences.


KENKO JIMAN publishes a wide range of healthcare news from food, beauty to medicine. Registered users can let KIBIT AI know your favorite news, then KIBIT will learn your preference and make a recommendation list for you.


Joint research partners