Overview For companies competing in the global market, the risk of involvement in various litigation cases, including civil litigation, product liability, patent infringement and antitrust cases, is an inevitable challenge.
We support our customers as a specialist in general support for discovery covering not only the identification, collection and production of evidence, but also predictive auditing.

In the United States, there is a unique pretrial procedure called discovery, which requires the parties to litigation to disclose evidence to each other. In particular, the process of identifying potential evidence from among electronic data is called e-discovery. As the pioneer in comprehensive discovery support in Asia, FRONTEO has handled a total of more than 926 cases (as of February 2016), including many cases involving leading Japanese companies.

As we have a global network of partner law firms created through our experience in handling such cases, we are ready to tap the support of foreign legal professionals, which is also critical to successful litigation.

Discovery Operation Center(DOC)

Managed Review

FRONTEO’s track record

With its technologies and knowhow that have been cultivated through more than 10 years of experience in handling discovery cases, FRONTEO provides solutions in terms of enabling client companies’ in-house legal offices to efficiently collect, extract and review electronic evidence and work with legal professionals. Our evidence collecting and processing technologies, which have been developed in various environments, make it possible for even companies with a complex web of various IT environments to efficiently collect evidence.

AI-based technologies

FRONTEO provides “Lit i View E-DISCOVERY,” an e-discovery support solution system that it has developed by taking advantage of knowledge and knowhow based on its extensive experience. FRONTEO’s proprietary Predictive Coding technology drastically reduces the review cost, which accounts for 70% of the entire cost of e-discovery, while increasing the review accuracy and speed. This is a cutting-edge technology that enables the AI system to acquire and use the classification knowhow of legal professionals to automatically review documents.

Predictive Coding

Asian language capability

e-discovery solution platforms developed in the United States and Europe are ill prepared to process multi-byte languages, typically Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK). As a result, they are susceptible to garbling when used to process documents composed in CJK, making it difficult to identify evidence from among text data.
Our solutions platform is fully capable of processing documents composed in multi-byte languages, enabling accurate processing of mixed-language electronic documents containing multiple languages, including CJK. Our solutions platform multiplies the review speed by four thousand compared with the speed of a human reviewer.

One-stop solutions

FRONTEO has data centers in Japan, North America, South Korea, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. As a result, data entrusted to FRONTEO by clients in these countries can be stored within the national borders. FRONTEO provides a one-stop service covering the whole e-discovery process, from evidence preservation to document processing and review to evidence submission. In U.S. litigation cases, our U.S. subsidiary plays the central role in providing seamless services to the key players, including parent companies and their U.S. subsidiaries, and law firms.
By making full use of this and other solutions platforms, including “Lit i View EMAIL AUDITOR,” FRONTEO supports not only cross-border litigation but also various other activities to reduce risks involved in the management of corporate legal affairs, including in-house investigations and compliance initiatives.

Services and Products


Lit i View E-DISCOVERY quickly identifies relevant data from among a huge volume of corporate electronic data, making it possible to streamline the discovery process and disclose highly accurate information.

KIBIT Email Auditor

KIBIT Email Auditor is an automated email audit system using AI. It contributes to efforts to quickly detect and prevent the recurrence of employee wrongdoing by accumulating knowhow from the results of reviews conducted in such activities as financial audits, in-house investigations and litigation management. This helps to develop an effective compliance system.

Managed Review

Our Managed Review process is built to eliminate the ever present risks that can derail the on-time, on-budget, on-quality needs of review projects. Our expertise has been earned over the course of hundreds of review projects.

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Intelligence Cloud

FRONTEO's Intelligence Cloud is a cloud computing environment where artificial intelligence meets knowledge. Since Intelligence Cloud holds explicit, tangible knowledge like textual / statistical data and implicit, intangible knowledge like FRONTEO's know-how, the Intelligence Cloud will assist greatly in your knowledge management efforts.

Users of Intelligence Cloud

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