National Security

Realizing a Safe and Secure Society by Detecting Potential Public Security Risks

The know-how of data analysis using the KIBIT AI engine is applied to sift through a huge volume of data available on the Internet and identify posted comments and other messages containing potential signs of risk at an early stage.

Overview We contribute to ensuring national security and realizing a safe society by applying the know-how of data analysis using KIBIT to detect potential signs of risk on social media networks, where the flow of data is growing at an explosive rate.

We use AI to monitor a volume of data too large to be examined by human efforts alone and identify posted comments and other messages containing potential signs of risk at an early stage.

Automatically detecting messages with high risk potential

When loaded with such training data as sentences actually used to threaten acts of crime or to blackmail someone and messages regarded as containing potential signs of future crimes based on the tacit knowledge of investigators, KIBIT figures out what is relevant to risks. As a result, it can review data in search of relevant messages with a speed 4,000 times faster than a human reviewer. From among the mass of comments and other messages posted on SNS, KIBIT narrows down a list of contents with high risk potential and issues alerts to persons responsible for monitoring risks.

Detection accuracy improves through automated learning

KIBIT can evaluate the potential risk of future criminal activity based on the analysis of short sentences, phrases and slang terms which are popular on SNS and internet forums. The AI review is complemented by human review in order to enhance the risk detection accuracy. In addition, KIBIT also improves the detection accuracy through automated learning from new information.

Services and Products


(provided by FRONTEO as a sales agent)

This system detects messages which could potentially lead to future serious crimes from among contents posted on social media. It is sold exclusively to government agencies and other public organizations.