Discovering “Unknown Self”

Our AI robot learns users’ preferences and sensibilities from a small volume of data and helps them identify their hidden preferences and discover their “unknown self.”

Overview Kibiro makes full use of the KIBIT AI engine’s capabilities. It learns users’ preferences and sensiblities from a small volume of data and support users’ decision making by analyzing a huge volume of data with high accuracy.

Kibiro helps users identify their hidden preferences and discover their “unknown self,” as it learns how they think while communicating with them in various social scenes, such as when relaxing at home and visiting a store.

Using Kibiro at stores and other facilities

Kibiro can serve as guides for users at bookstores and other shops and public facilities at tourist spots, for example. Amid the flood of information in this society, it is difficult for people to find information they are looking for when visiting unfamiliar places. If users teach Kibiro about themselves, the robot quickly finds information that they truly need. Meanwhile, Kibiro also helps company employees: it enables them to concentrate on sophisticated jobs by taking over the simple task of search.

Using Kibiro at home

At home, Kibiro serves as a personal robot. It can understand users’ preferences and interests by collecting text data through various means and from various sources, including audio communications with users, smartphone applications and SNS data. Based on the collected data, Kibiro can provide the delightful experience of finding information that matches their hidden preferences. Through collaboration with various types of contents offered by companies, including products and articles, Kibiro will continue to expand the range of fields in which it can make suitable recommendations to users.

Services and Products

Kibiro AI robot

Kibiro is an AI robot which helps users discover their “unknown self.”