FRONTEO Paradigm(The Meaning of The Corporate Brand, Symbol, Mission and Motto)

1. Corporate Brand


  • The new corporate brand represents a philosophy symbolizing the mission.
  • FRONTEO is made up of two words: “Front” – the most forward position or place and “eo” meaning “go forward”.
  • It also reflects an abbreviation of “Frontier Technology Organization” that signifies “progressive, leading-edge value creators”.

2. Bright Symbol

  • The FRONTEO symbol brings tremendous brightness to mind. It is a guiding light for FRONTEO in revolutionizing future advanced technology for the sake of humanity.
  • The FRONTEO mark features multi-radiated axes, which represent the potential expansion of the business around the AI platform.
  • The FRONTEO symbol also has the power to unify and symbolizes diversity and immense strength and inspiration.
  • Visually the FRONTEO symbol embodies the word “bright” (appealing to both meaning and emotion).
  • The distinct color and form creates an optical illusion with shades of blue and yellow on the inside.

3. Corporate Logo (2 Basic Forms)



4. FRONTEO Mission

Bright Value Creator

FRONTEO is revolutionizing the future of humanity and advanced science.

<Key Areas of Value Creation> Bright Idea Bright Humanity Bright Technology Bright Business Bright Service Bright Culture

The FRONTEO Mission is driven from
a service-oriented culture that continues to
aim higher and brighter to develop leading-edge
technology and market best services creating
immense value for our clients, employees,
consumers and shareholders.

5. FRONTEO Motto

Take the Initiative

FRONTEO is constantly at the leading edge and strives for.

  • Passion
  • Perseverance
  • Emotion
  • The three main axes (Passion, Perseverance and Emotion) symbolically anchor the FRONTEO Motto and support our Corporate Values.
  • All employees understand and follow these values.
  • FRONTEO constantly strives to be both a creator and initiator.

FRONTEO Paradigm(Basic Identity System Focusing on FRONTEO Mission)

BRIGHT VALUE CREATOR Revolutionizing the future of humanity and advanced science Bright Idea Bright idea is to show the company’s existence with the following starting points: the meaning of aspiring to a better mission and management that constantly generates new ideas. Bright Culture The primary objective in creating history is culture formation as the ultimate value from the earliest of times in the human history, and things that are valued as culture will continue to shine throughout the ages as valuable assets. Bright Service It is said that every corporation is shifting its business to a service focus, and no bright corporation can exist without such an objective. Bright Technology There will not be any innovative technology that exceeds AI for the meantime and no corporations or businesses will prosper without AI in the coming human society. Bright Business Value-creating business outcomes with leading-edge technology produce a business that keeps brightening and nurtures the corporation and people as an organizational entity. Bright Humanity Business outcomes from putting people first is what the company should be. In addition it aims for human-centric corporate management that continues to live up to CSV (creating shared value).