KIBITWhat can our artificial intelligence (AI) “KIBIT” do?

The “KIBIT” AI learns your “tastes” and recommends books you like

Our original artificial intelligence (AI) is called “KIBIT”. One of its functions is to work on your behalf “finding out what you want” by analyzing texts (textual data).

So how does KIBIT help people?

For example, when you look for a new book, don’t you sometimes feel like “There are way too many books. Which ones should I pick up?”

At a time like this, KIBIT comes to your assistance!

First, tell KIBIT about some of the books you like from among the books you have read before. Next, KIBIT will search summaries or reviews concerning these books on the Internet, and it will learn the factors and preferences indicating why you find them interesting. Finally, based on these factors and preferences, it will recommend to you the books with which you will most likely be satisfied using the flood of information on the Internet.

KIBIT expands your horizons

Moreover, KIBIT will sometimes suggest books in other genres you may find interesting, but usually do not reach out for. For a person who enjoys reading Western fantasy, KIBIT may sometimes recommend stories from Japanese mythology or Chinese history, as they have some underlying features in common.

I love these kinds of books!「Wonderful world, includes fantasy and mystery」「They grow up by overcoming hurdles, and battle against great evil」KIBIT’s recommendations「How do you like the story of a magic world where characters fight against the wicked witch?」「You may also like stories from Japanese mythology or Chinese history!」

Thus, you can expand your reading horizon with hints given by the recommendations KIBIT makes.

Of course, KIBIT can be used not only for books but for many other things surrounding your life and business. Also, it can memorize each individual’s preferences and apply them to a broader range of things, for example, selecting music and movies based on your book preferences, or choose a hotel based on your restaurant preferences.

Your tastes, restaurants, tourist areas, books, hotels, movies, music

KIBIT can not only learn and recommend what individuals like, it can also be utilized across a wide area of domains such as business, medical, legal, security and education.(For more information, please see here ).

Works 4,000 times faster than humans and never gets tired

For humans, the time you spend searching for something can be monotonous and even frustrating. If you get exhausted, the accuracy of your search will likely drop. However, KIBIT will never tire. Moreover, it can read sentences 4,000 times faster than humans. This agility and accuracy in finding what you want are the defining features of KIBIT.

In the “searching time” saved with the help of KIBIT, you can instead read books, listen to music, or take a trip; in other words, you can spend the time on whatever you want to do.

Thus, our AI “KIBIT” enriches our lives and makes them more enjoyable.